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The Best Fit for a Bi Fold Door

Some of the most common configurations for bi fold doors are bottom rolling or top hung. The level of difficulty and price are among the most common concerns. There are some real pros and cons to each type as well. With a top hung bi fold door, measurements are often an issue. The home must be specified with the right type of support to suspend a door. Improper calculations and …Read More

A Privacy Solution for Bi Fold Doors

Many people prefer bi fold doors. A challenge has been to add blinds, but fortunately there is a solution to the problem as folding each panel would mean the blinds would get in the way. Integral blinds are contained within a sealed glass unit. The operating mechanism is on the outside. With integral blinds, the aluminium slats are contained in between inner and outer panes of glass. Moisture or dust …Read More

Do Blinds Really Add Quality to Bi Fold Doors?

Customers often ask whether privacy is really possible with bi fold doors. After all, they are designed to fold on themselves. The prospect of fitting blinds seems quite daunting. One option suppliers offer is integral blinds. Many buyers are unaware of this and have no idea how it can benefit them. An integral blind features a series of slats like any other, but is built in-between the inside and outside …Read More

Aluminium Bi Fold Doors: The Surface Makes All the Difference

There are many benefits to aluminium bi fold doors. They are attractive, energy efficient, and durable. The ability to customize their surface appearance and colour cannot be beat. Manufacturers offer hundreds of colours and finishes. You can choose from a glossy finish, or a matt coating if this is so desired. There are also metallic colours and pastel shades. Many customers opt for wood imitation finishes which look realistic and …Read More

Aluminium Windows and Doors: Benefits to Homeowners

Aluminium Windows and Doors: Benefits to Homeowners While there were many misconceptions about aluminium windows, they have become more popular since the mid-20th century and today come in many forms. Today’s aluminium windows are provided in options more diverse than the basic silver varieties. Hardwood subframes and condensation-prone materials are no longer the standard either. As with all the products offered by Slimline Doors, these are advanced in design. New …Read More

Saving on Heating, Gas, and Electricity

Saving on Heating, Gas, and Electricity It’s not uncommon to learn of ways to save on home energy costs. Gas and electricity bills have risen by 51% over the past five years, according to Ofgem, and many households never switch their energy supplier. While some online providers offer reports on savings, there are many tips which homeowners can use to start saving right away. In addition to installing a glass …Read More

The Magic of Future Glass

The Magic of Future Glass  Aluminium windows are quite popular these days. Years ago, even these were considered inferior and out of fashion. Window technology has advanced a lot, not only in its visual appeal. In fact, windows can do much more than ever before; they can be scaled to cover an entire house and integrate with its architecture. Any wall can be made of glass, creating unique and wonderful …Read More

Moving House vs. Home Extensions

There are various things to consider when deciding whether moving or extending your home is the better option. Each has its pros and cons. The house can become tight depending on the situation. Starting a family or home business comes with obvious challenges. Children grow quickly and toys, noise, and visits from friends can tighten the space. Many business start ups require additional space too. Moving can be tough for …Read More

PVCU and Aluminium in Slimline Doors and Replacement Windows

Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) was once unusual with double glazing. Nowadays, it is extremely popular and in fact recommended by experts. Many companies choose this material for its advantages. There are also disadvantages. Even compared to aluminium, uPVC provides a viable alternative. The material, when used in glass doors for example, offers value in terms of cost of materials. Pricing is a major decision factor for doors and this material …Read More

A Peek into the Future of Home Interior Design

There’s no doubt homes are getting smarter. Technology has advanced so much in recent years that elements in homes today would have been hard to imagine not long ago. Smartphones, tablets, and touchscreens do more than anyone envisioned. Energy efficient windows and doors are available for any home, saving consumers money on electric and heating bills in the long run. A great advance, this is also at a time when …Read More